flag rugby

what is flag Rugby?

Flag rugby is a non-contact game where players each wear a belt with two velcro flags attached.  Attacking players attempt to dodge and evade defenders while passing to their team mates.  Defending players prevent the opposition from scoring by pulling a tag off the player carrying the ball.  The game is a great introduction to many of the core elements of rugby and is ideal for young children.


Anyone! No experience necessary, flag rugby is perfect for new players learning the game, experienced players developing fitness and skills, and for introducing gameplay to young players

    • For junior and senior players: join a co-ed, flag rugby league. 
    • For minor players: join a minor/mini rugby program in your community.

2022 Flag Rugby Events

Flag rugby activities for 2022 have been organized into a 12-week season, enabling participants to get the best bang for their buck on their flag rugby registration. The season comprises tournaments and league play in Saskatoon. See the full schedule of events to the right. More information on the 2022 flag rugby season can be found below.

The tournaments and leagues on the 2022 Flag Rugby Event Schedule are designed for Junior- and Senior-aged participants (13+). This is to ensure fairness of competition and safety. If you are looking for flag rugby programming for participants 12 years old or younger, we encourage you to check out any of the Mini/Minor rugby programs on our Member Clubs page.

Are you a single player looking for a flag rugby team? Contact Sask Rugby and we will help you find one!

Event Schedule

Saskatoon Kick-Off Tournament:
Saturday, January 8th
5:30pm to 10:30pm
Elite PROformance Centre, Saskatoon

Saskatoon League Play:
Saturdays from February 12th through March 26th*
6pm to 9pm
Elite PROformance Centre, Saskatoon

See more information on each competition’s specific rules and team entry deadlines in the Rules of Play section below!

*There is no league play in Saskatoon on February 19th.