All organizations (clubs, schools, academies, provincial and national teams) and individuals (athletes, referees, coaches, managers, medical staff and volunteers) leaving or entering Canada must complete a Tour Sanctioning Application in order to be eligible to play within Canada or in a foreign union. This is in compliance with World Rugby Regulation 16. Please refer to the resource section below for more information.


Please ensure to submit a sanctioning application at least two weeks in advance of any event seeking approval and insurance coverage. A completed application will meet the following criteria:

  1. Completed Online Sanctioning Application
  2. Completed Tour Roster Form for touring side  All finalized rosters must be submitted to 48 hours prior to the departure date. 

Applications are entered into processing upon submission. All changes to the listing of participating clubs or players need be communicated to Rugby Canada staff by email. An expedite fee will be assessed to late applications that do not meet the two week submission deadline.

Application Deadlines

All online applications must be submitted prior to the submission deadline. If the submission deadline is missed for any reason, an expedite fee will be applied. No applications or rosters will be accepted after the application processing cut-off date.

Tour or Event Submission Deadline Application Processing
Cut-Off Date
Expedite Fee
International Team Tour
Individual International Tours
Interprovincial Tours
International Player Transfers/Clearances
2 weeks prior to departure date 3 business days prior to departure $50
Event Sanctioning Application (Camps, Clinics, Programs, Tournaments, Exhibition Games) 2 weeks prior to event date 3 business days prior to event $50
Tour Roster List
Event Club Team List
48 hours prior to departure/event
(confirmed with Rugby Canada)
48 hours prior to departure/event $25
Event Roster List 48 hours post event
(confirmed with Rugby Canada)
48 hours post event $25


Once you have submitted your application to Rugby Canada a copy will be automatically forwarded to your Provincial Union for review. Provincial Union Administration has the authority to approve or deny all/any applications. Once approval has been granted, Rugby Canada will then conduct a final review.

Upon approval from Rugby Canada, you will be given a sanctioning number which will be attached to your printable Sanctioning Certificate (details below). You will also be forwarded a Certificate of Insurance for your tour, along with a Rugby Canada Tour Letter. For more information regarding coverage for your tour please visit our insurance page.

Please ensure that rosters are submitted to no later than 24 hours post event. To Access your Sanctioning Certificate: 

  1. Ensure that you are logged into 
  2. Click on your username (top left corner) and a dropdown menu will appear.
  3. Click on Registrations -> Click on the application you submitted.
  4. In the top right hand corner you will be able to download your Sanctioning Certificate.
NOTE: Your certificate is not valid unless it has a certificate number in the top right hand corner, this will be automatically added once it has been approved by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada.


All tours travelling outside of Canada must be sanctioned by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada. International Unions and World Rugby require that all teams must have National Union Sanctioning prior to the departure date. 

All high schools, colleges, universities or any other third party organization traveling outside of Canada to play rugby must provide adequate insurance coverage. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Emergency Travel Medical and Sports General Liability Insurance Coverage (which covers contact sports) from the school/school board or third party must be presented prior to departure. If proper documentation cannot be provided, Rugby Canada will only sanction those teams that are member organizations and therefore schools or third party organizations traveling would have to become full members of their provincial union (and thus Rugby Canada) and pay all applicable membership fees.

If you should need help acquiring emergency travel medical insurance for your tour, please email and Rugby Canada can help facilitate this process. 

All tours travelling to Canada must be sanctioned by Rugby Canada and the destination province and subsequent Provincial Union(s). Furthermore, World Rugby requires that all teams must have Home National Union Sanctioning Approval prior to touring. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Travel Medical and General Liability Insurance Coverage from the inbound tour must be presented prior to departure.

Note: either the club, the school, a liaison officer or the touring team can initiate the process to secure tour approval for an incoming tour. 

All tours wishing to travel to another province within Canada need to be sanctioned by the home Provincial Union and the destination Provincial Union. 

All registered players travelling within Canada are covered under their Provincial Health Care’s Insurance Policy. However, Rugby Canada’s accident and general liability insurance coverage is only extended to a rugby event which is sanctioned. The practices and league matches of registered clubs are the only competitions considered sanctioned by default when all athletes, team management and staff and all participants (volunteers, organizing committee) are registered within the current membership year.

All individuals who are wishing to, or outside of Canada must be sanctioned and approved by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada for outbound tours and by the Home National Governing Body for Inbound tours. International Unions and World Rugby require that all individuals must have National Union Sanctioning prior to the departure date. 

Note: An individual who is travelling outside of Canada and returning to Canada after the duration of the tour, must complete the individual tour sanctioning application. If the individual is registering in a new union, that they are travelling to, they will need to complete an International Player Transfer.