Canadian Classics Defeat USA Misfits 43-27

In their first of two competitions this year, the Canadian Classics –featuring Brennan Marcoux (Saskatoon Wild Oats)– defeated the USA Misfits 43-27 in Anchorage, Alaska on the July 13 weekend. 

This is the second time that Marcoux has played for the Classics team, after making his debut in Regina in 2018.  Marcoux was a key contributor to the Canadian team’s success this time around, scoring a try and setting up another all while providing solid defense from the wing position. 

The Classics will next see action at the World Rugby Classic in Bermuda from November 2-9. Their match against the Misfits will help coaches and staff in selecting the team that will compete at that event. 

In 2020, the Classic Can Am will be back in Canada, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Classics program in Calgary.