Sanctioning is the process where Rugby Canada’s accident and general liability insurance coverage is extended to Rugby events outside of league play. Practices and sanctioned league matches where all athletes, team staff and support are registered in the current membership year (including coaches, managers, volunteers, organizers) do not need any additional sanctioning.

Organizations will need to apply to sanction their leagues with Sask Rugby and for additional sanctioning to cover events such as a tournament, camp/clinic, exhibition game, or tours.

league sanctioning

Any competition with scheduled matches between Rugby Canada registered members should be sanctioned by Sask Rugby and associated sub-unions as a league. 

Any contact rugby match played in Saskatchewan needs to be sanctioned, either as part of a league or with event sanctioning (below) as an exhibition match or tournament.

To sanction a rugby league in Saskatchewan:

Only registered Sask Rugby member organizations can host sanctioned leagues. To learn about how to apply and renew organization membership, CLICK HERE

Only registered members can participate in leagues. To learn more about insurance and registration for members, CLICK HERE

League schedules are essential for sanctioning and league organization. Schedules should be submitted to the sub-union where the matches will be taking place: in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan this is the Regina Rugby Union (RRU) and in Saskatoon and Northern Saskatchewan this is the North Saskatchewan Rugby Union (NSRU).  

Any changes to approved schedules (cancelled or postponed games, change of venue) should be communicated to the approving sub-union. 

Schedules submitted for approval should include:

  • Dates of each match
  • Locations of each match
  • Teams and divisions involved in each match


Click any of the links below to read more on the rugby policies.



More more information on Age Grade Rugby competitions (U13-U19) visit our Age Grade Rugby page HERE

event sanctioning

The following events require a sanctioning application to access Rugby Canada’s accident and general liability insurance coverage. Sanctioning is free if completed at least 2 weeks before the event.

  • Exhibition games: any game organized between two teams that is not part of an official league schedule.
    The hosting team applies for sanctioning online then both teams will submit rosters prior to the game.
  • Try Rugby: a non-contact, youth rugby Come and Try Event hosted by a Club or organization.
    Learn more about Come & Try Rugby Events HERE
  • Rugby camp: a camp or special program organized by a team or organization that will have participants from different teams (everyone must be registered with Rugby Canada).
  • Tournament: any tournament organized by a club or organization that is not part of an official league schedule.

Once Sask Rugby and Rugby Canada approve your event you will receive an email with further instructions.

tour sanctioning

All organizations (clubs, schools, academies, provincial and national teams) and individuals (athletes, referees, coaches, managers, medical staff and volunteers) leaving or entering Canada must complete a Tour Sanctioning Application in order to be eligible to play within Canada or in a foreign union. This is in compliance with World Rugby Regulation 16

When on tour, Rugby Canada members will have special access to travel medical insurance. To learn more select the Travel Medical Procedure or Insurance Claim Procedure buttons.

Refer to the sections below for more information on tour sanctioning.

For clubs and teams wishing to tour in another Union, in accordance with WR Regulation 16, all tours travelling outside of Canada must be sanctioned by Sask Rugby and Rugby Canada. International Unions and World Rugby require that all teams must have National Union Sanctioning prior to the departure date.

All high schools, colleges, universities or any other third-party organization travelling outside of Canada to play Rugby must provide adequate insurance coverage. Emergency Travel Medical and Sports General Liability Insurance Coverage (which covers contact sports) from the school/school board or third party must be presented prior to departure.

Click here for more information on applying for Outbound Team Tour Sanctioning

All tours travelling to Canada must be sanctioned by Rugby Canada and the destination Province and subsequent Provincial Union(s). Furthermore, World Rugby requires that all teams must have Home National Union Sanctioning Approval prior to touring.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Travel Medical and General Liability Insurance Coverage from the inbound tour must be presented prior to departure.

NOTE: Either the Club, the school, a liaison officer, or the touring team can initiate the process to secure tour approval for an incoming tour.

Click here for more information on sanctioning a tour to Canada

All tours wishing to travel to another Province within Canada need to be sanctioned by the home Provincial Union and the destination Provincial Union.

All registered players travelling within Canada are covered under their Provincial Health Care’s Insurance Policy. However, Rugby Canada’s accident and general liability insurance coverage is only extended to a Rugby event which is sanctioned.

The practices and league matches of registered Clubs are the only competitions considered sanctioned by default when all athletes, team management and staff and all participants (volunteers, organising committee) are registered within the current Membership year.

Click here for more information on touring within Canada

international player clearance

In accordance with World Rugby Regulation 4, players (youth & adult) looking to play rugby in another country/Union must obtain international clearance from their current Union (Rugby Canada). 

This should be completed before the athlete leaves the country.

Each Union has its own international clearance application form, which is tailored to their specific processing requirements. Rugby Canada will request its own International Clearance Form to be completed.  The incorrect form being submitted will cause a delay in your processing times.


It is recommended that players moving to Canada to play Rugby obtain a copy of their Unions international clearance from via their club or Union.  Players’ will need to complete and submit this form prior to their departure to Canada.

Rugby Canada can only accept approved clearances directly from the Union of the country you are leaving.  Once we receive an approved clearance from another Union, you will be notified by Rugby Canada.