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Sask Rugby is the governing body for Rugby Union in the Province. As a contact team sport, insurance plays a significant role in how the sport is governed and operated. Rugby Canada, through the Provincial Unions, provides a National Insurance Program for all community rugby to access by becoming a member organization of their Provincial Rugby Union.

On this page, you will find all the information rugby organizations need to become a member, remain a member and how to utilize the benefits of that membership, which include an online registration and payment system, as well as how to find the information you need to run a successful rugby club or association.

New Club Setup


Sask Rugby encourages and supports rugby development across the province. Registered Sask Rugby Member Organizations have access to the Rugby Canada registration system, insurance, and funding opportunities such as MAP grants. Rugby clubs, sub-unions, academy programs, and community mini rugby programs can become Member Organizations of Sask Rugby.

To become a Member Organization or to renew your membership with Sask Rugby, submit an online Membership Application Form with the following information: 

Once the application is received, someone from Sask Rugby will follow up with you about membership dues and registration setup.

Scroll down learn more about membership benefits and managing online registration on Sportlomo.

New Club Setup


The purpose of the Sask Rugby MAP Grant program is to provide financial assistance to our member clubs and teams so that they may operate programs with quality access to training, coaches and competitions to retain current members and to develop new ones. Sask Rugby encourages new and innovative projects that directly increase the number of registered clubs, teams, and members.

Any registered Sask Rugby Member Organization in good standing can apply for a MAP grant once a season.

To apply for MAP funding complete the following:

Basic RGB

sportlomo management

Sask Rugby and Rugby Canada use SportLomo to manage memberships and registrations and provides this platform to all Member Organizations to manage their memberships and collect dues. This is for administrators and registrars to ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need for a smooth and successful season.

Use the resources below to navigate Sportlomo setup and troubleshooting. For any specific Sportlomo issues contact Sask Rugby or the Sportlomo Support Desk.

For help with memberships and registration on Sportlomo, visit



Collect the Member IDs and full names of the athletes you want to add. For the positions you want to add guest players to change the Player Source to “Guest Players” and add their information. 

When setting up your registrations add all the Membership Types you want to make available to members. When registering, members can select as many or as few that apply and will only be charged once for insurance, Sask Rugby dues, and club dues.

Anyone holding difference positions in different programs should register with Dual Memberships to those associations. When completing the Dual Membership, instruct the member to select their new role (coach, official, etc.) as their Package with the new club. 

NOTE: If they complete a dual membership with the wrong package (e.g. a Junior player selected Senior player package) they will not be able to complete the registration and must start over.

The main 2 reasons and solutions are:

1) The member did not select the correct Package when completing their Dual Membership. Ensure they are able to register for the Package selected (i.e. Junior players cannot register as Senior players based on birth years). Get them to restart the process with the correct Package.

2) The member has not re-entered their Sportlomo account to activate it. Once the dual membership has been approved, they must log back in to Sportlomo to pay any club dues and activate their account (refer them to the Using Dual Memberships Guide). If you do not want to charge them for club dues, set up a discount code or separate package for these members. 

In your Club Administrator Account, select View Members. Click the button that says Export and an Excel file will download with all your Active registrations. 

To set up instalments, look under Recurring Payments on the Rugby Canada Club Resource Library

Sportlomo handles all payments and payment methods. For any issues with payments (e.g. members unable to process payment) contact the Sportlomo Support Desk.

To quickly resolve your issue, include the following information in your inquiry: 

  • The URL of the error page received during registration
  • Any error messages on the screen
  • The affected membership(s) (e.g. 12-Week Minor, Senior Contact)
  • The steps leading up to the error