The Rugby Sport Legacy Fund provides an opportunity for individuals who have benefited from rugby or those who believe in the value of rugby to contribute financially to rugby programs for current and future generations. Cash donations, monthly/annual contributions, planned gifts (i.e. life insurance policies, bequests, etc.) or gifts in kind, such as gifts of listed securities are encouraged. Contributions result in recognition and significant tax savings for the donor.

Funds raised are used to ensure quality rugby opportunities will continue to be available to everyone in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Rugby has developed directed programs within their respective fund to channel dollars toward specific causes. They include:

  • Athlete Financial Need and Scholarship Fund.
  • Introduction/Mini Rugby Initiatives Fund
  • RRU Clubhouse and Park Upgrades Fund
  • NSRU Clubhouse and Park Upgrades Fund
  • Youth Provincial Team Program Fund

To make a donation or for more information on this program please contact Jordan Astrope – Rugby Sport Legacy Fund (306) 780-9353 or by EMAIL if you require any further information or if you have any questions.

There are two options to make a donation. 


1) Completing the PDF form that needs to be sent to:

 Saskatchewan Rugby

1734 Elphinstone St

Regina, SK

S4T 1K1


2) Completing the online Donation form below:

Sport Legacy Fund donation form

By clicking donate below you are accepting the following terms: You are donating to the Sport Legacy Fund administered by the Canadian Council of Provincial & Territorial Sport Federations Inc. (CCP&TSF), to benefit the development of amateur sport in Canada on a nation-wide basis. Please understand that the CCP&TSF can direct your donation to an amateur sport cause of their choice; however you can select a sport organization or cause of your preference below. By donating today you are agreeing to the following terms: consistent with the income tax interpretations of “qualifying donations”, this contribution is made voluntarily without any conditions and no benefit will accrue to the me (or related parties) as a result of this donation. This donation does not or will not reduce any obligation, directly or indirectly that the donor (or related parties) have for “non-qualifying” expenses .such as membership, training, or program registration fees, travel expenses or other like expenses that the donor would normally be required to pay to the recipient sport organization or any related or affiliated body. Please note that civil penalties can be imposed against the donor for the misrepresentations of tax matters. Based on these facts, an official receipt for tax purposes will be issued. CCP&TSF TAX # – 88938 6868 RR0001