Why We Officiate

There are many benefits to officiating in Rugby. It is a great way to stay involved in Rugby after playing and give something back to the sport. Officiating also helps with your own personal and professional development, and it helps broaden your Rugby knowledge. It keeps you both physically and mentally fit and is incredibly rewarding. 

Rugby Officials come from all backgrounds, from ex-National players to armchair enthusiasts who wanted to become more involved with the sport.

Anyone can become a Rugby referee with the right attitude. Saskatchewan Rugby is here to support that process from start to finish. 

Become a Referee

Are you ready to become a Referee and inspire the next generation of Rugby stars? Follow the steps below:

Register for a World Rugby Passport and complete these three online certificates:

World Rugby Laws

World Rugby – Rugby Ready

World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public

After each course you will be able to download, save and print your certificate in order to give it to your course facilitator.

Make sure you take your time when completing the online modules so you can absorb as much information as possible. Make note of any questions you want to ask your facilitator.

Can’t find a course in your area? Contact our Rugby Development Officer, Andrew Shaw at


After completing all the relevant courses, it is now time to put those referee skills to use! To be able to referee, you must first register here.

You can register as a Match Official under Sask Rugby Referee Society or with your Club.

After you have registered to become a Rugby referee, it is important to stay both mentally and physically sharp. 

We recommend training physically! A Rugby Referee can expect to run an average 5.5km during an 80-minute match. At tournaments, you could officiate multiple games and cover more ground. So being in good physical condition is a must.

Becoming a Rugby Referee has more scope than you might think! Your career as a referee has the potential to take you to Local, Regional, Provincial, National and even International tournaments. You choose the pathway and Sask Rugby is here to support you every step of the way. 

Talk to your peers and mentors within the Refereeing world and see where officiating has taken them. 

Always remember to renew your World Rugby Concussion Management and Rugby Ready courses every year. 

Check out our Referee Resources section for some great information, videos and more!


Why We Coach

Coaching Rugby is one of the most rewarding roles in the sport. It takes passion and dedication. Here you can learn how to become an inspirational leader who is ready to give guidance both on and off the field. 

There are many benefits to becoming a qualified Rugby coach. It is a great way to stay involved in the sport after retiring. You have the chance to develop yourself both personally and professionally as well as keeping yourself fit and active. 

Coaching is also the perfect way to give back to the sport and inspire the next generation of players. 

Become A Coach

If you want to become a rugby coach in Saskatchewan, follow the steps below.

There are a couple of online modules you need to complete before taking your Level 1 or Level 2 Coaching Course.

Sign up for a FREE World Rugby Passport

Complete the Rugby Ready Online Module

Complete the Concussion Management Module

Complete the Laws of the Game exam

Complete the NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Online Exam

Important: At the end of each module, make sure you save your certificates as PDF Files. Then you can upload them to your Rugby Canada Training profile you created in Step 1.

Handy Hint: The World Rugby Coaching Website is packed full of useful information, resources, videos and more to help build your skills and knowledge. Make sure to Bookmark it!

Create a coaching profile with Rugby Canada here

To enroll in Rugby Canada development sessions/courses, you will be charged a one-time fee of $25.00. This fee contributes directly towards subsidising transportation costs for course facilitators and sustaining our community development model.

Important: registering to does not mean a coach is registered and insured under the Rugby Canada Membership and Insurance Policy. This is explained further in Step 4.

Now you are ready to choose your coaching course! Pick the course that is right for you from the following options.

  • Introductory & Mini Rugby Coaching (World Rugby Level 1)
  • Competitive Rugby Coaching (World Rugby Level 2)

You do not need to take Level 1 to enroll in a Level 2 course. 

You will make the actual selection on the website. The rest of the process is completed on that site.

If you want to work as a Rugby coach in Saskatchewan, you must register and pay the appropriate Membership fee. 

Registering with Rugby Canada to complete a coaching course DOES NOT mean you are registered to work as one. Find out more about Registration

Once you are registered to work as a Rugby coach, you can look for coaching vacancies. 

It is important that all Rugby coaches stay up to date. 

Make sure you check out the Sask Rugby Coach Resources page for Resource Sharing Networks, Certification Maintenance Requirements, videos and more.

Coast to Coast Rugby Coaching Conference

Sask Rugby is proud to partner with our other provincial unions to provide the Coast to Coast Connecting the Country: Rugby Conference running virtually March 27th to 29th, 2021. The Coast to Coast Coaching Conference will target the existing rugby coach community in Canada, including those coaching at clubs, schools, universities, and high performance environments. The full speaker list and poster and available below.

The conference will take participants through a ‘week in rugby’, where they will interact with experienced community and professional coaches, academics, and those with lived experience in sport. It will serve as an opportunity for participants to listen to and interact with local and international experts at the heart of developing sport. Conference registration is $35, with each registration fee including a $5 donation to the Monty Heald Women’s National Fund

Anyone who registered as a rugby coach in Saskatchewan in 2019 or 2020 is eligible to have their registration fees covered by Sask Rugby. Contact for details on this program.

Register here!