Sask Rugby memberships are available to anyone playing rugby in Saskatchewan. Register as a player, coach, official, volunteer, medical staff, or supporter to become a member and receive insurance for your activities. Through these memberships, we continue to grow, develop, and manage rugby by offering programs for all ages and skill levels (recreational to high performance), educational opportunities and access to exclusive benefits and services.

For information on how to register and use your insurance, click the links below.


Anyone participating in rugby activities must be registered, this includes players, coaches, managers, medical staff, and volunteers. 

Management who work directly with players are required to complete the Rugby Ready course in addition to their registration. This applies to coaches, trainers, medical staff and managers.

Board members and volunteers (in defined roles) have no individual registration dues. Director and Officer Insurance is done as an annual fee to the clubs. 

More information on registration:


Click the REGISTER NOW button and register with Sask Rugby (Saskatchewan Rugby Club) or with one of our Member Clubs. For a full walkthrough of the registration process, click here

Click the links below to start your registration:


If you participated in the previous season as a player, coach, official, or volunteer, log in to your SportLomo account to renew your Membership for the new season. To find out when registration opens for the new season, contact your Club.


Member Organisations (including clubs and sub-unions) must register each year with Sask Rugby for CRU Directors and Officers Insurance by completing an online Member Organization (MO) Membership Form. 

For information on becoming a member organization with Sask Rugby, visit:

Community Mini Rugby Programs are 12-week, non-contact programs directed by volunteers and supported by Sask Rugby. Program organisers create a program that fits their community and deliver it using equipment, online registration, and rugby resources from Sask Rugby.

To register your Community Mini Rugby Program you must:

  1. Register your program volunteers under Saskatchewan Rugby Club 
  2. Complete the MO Membership Online Form as a “Mini Rugby Program”

Once these steps are completed, Sask Rugby can help you promote and manage your program.


Registered Members

All our members benefit from insurance, as well as community programming, sport development, resources for players, coaches, and officials.

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Registered Member Organizations

Directors and Officers insurance covers board executives and organizers for actual or alleged errors during their role in running a rugby organization.

Registered member organizations also receive Sask Rugby voting privileges and access to Membership Assistance Program (MAP) funding.


To request a refund for your registration fees, log in to your SportLomo account to initiate the request.

Automatic Refunds: If the refund is requested within 14 days of your registration date and you have not participated in any Rugby activity (game or practice), the member qualifies for an automatic refund and the money will go back directly to the credit card used to purchase the Membership.

Manual Refunds: If the refund is requested after 14 days of your registration date and you have not participated in any Rugby activity (game or practice), the refund will be manually processed by Rugby Canada, Sask Rugby and the Club separately and make separate payments to the Member.


If you are moving between Clubs, you must get a transfer release from your old Club. Log in to your SportLomo account to initiate the transfer request. The transfer process can take several days for approval between Clubs and Provincial Unions so please allow at least 5-7 days’ notice of transfer to ensure you are properly registered with your new club.


If you are already a registered Member and you wish to add another role to your Membership (i.e. official, coach, etc.), log in to your SportLomo account and you can upgrade your Membership to include multiple roles without having to create a new account.


Registered members can add additional clubs to their Sportlomo accounts by requesting a dual membership. This would allow you to appear on team sheets and membership databases of both clubs.



Once you are a registered member, you become insured and covered under Rugby Canada’s insurance policy for the season. This includes Sports Liability Insurance, Sport Accident Insurance, Provincial Excess Medical Coverage, and Travel Coverage while on sanctioned Tours.

Under the insurance program, the activities that are covered include sanctioned or authorized activities, such as games, practices, tournaments, camps, events, and tours.

Tours, exhibition games, tournaments, and camps require all participants to be registered with Rugby Canada and additional sanctioning for the team or event, find sanctioning requirements here: