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National Insurance Program

Rugby is a sport that prides itself on the Teamwork, Discipline, Respect, and Sportsmanship developed through a committed dedication to our game. We play hard on the pitch, and we look after each other on, and off the pitch. Thankfully serious injuries are very rare within Canadian Rugby, and although we constantly monitor and evolve the laws of our game to protect our players, we accept there are risks of injury in the course of playing and training for Rugby.

World Rugby, our global governing body, through Regulation 23 requires that every member Union has effective player insurance in place. Rugby Canada’s insurance program builds off this requirement to ensure effective coverage is in place to protect ALL our members, including players, coaches, match officials, managers, medical staff, and volunteers.

As with any insurance program, the terms of coverage are precise, so it’s important to make sure conditions, and exceptional situations that require additional approvals, are understood.

The Basics
Policy Overview
Certificate of Insurance
Injury Reporting
Contact Information 

2019 Insurance Program Brochure.pdf

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