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Who is insured

Registered participants of a member club / organization of a Provincial Union within Canada found within the National Rugby Registration System powered by Sports Engine.

Who is a registered participant?

All active members, employees, officers, directors, officials, referees, players, coaches, managers, volunteers, medical staff, and auxiliary workers whom register with a member organization.

What activities are covered

The practices and league matches of registered clubs are the only competitions considered sanctioned and insured by default when all athletes, team management and staff and all participants (volunteers, organizing committee / board of directors) are registered within the current membership year with a member organization. Other Provincial Union sanctioned or authorized activities and events held by member organizations such as exhibition games, try rugby events, tournaments, winter training, camps or clinics, programs or academies, seminars, tours and fundraisers may also have the insurance extended to them when approval is granted by Rugby Canada and one's Provincial Union.

Any other event may seek sanctioning by an authorized representative of a member organization and thus the National Insurance Program can be extended with the proper application being filled out. Please click the below areas for more information.

Rugby Events (Exhibition Games / Tournaments)

Tours (International or Domestic)

When is the Period of Coverage?

Registrants in one year of a Rugby Season receive coverage from May 1 of that year to April 30 of the next year. (ex, May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017)

The BC Rugby split season receives coverage from September 1 of that year to August 31 of the next year

Visitor / Temporary Athlete Memberships

Any person purchasing a Visitor / Temporary Athlete Membership will have the ability to set a defined 15-day window during the registration process in which they will be provided coverage for said period. Visitor / Temporary Athlete Memberships are not eligible for extended medical coverage as there are not considered full members (except in the Province of BC). Coverage is extended to while they are participating in sanctioned events and practices in the sport of rugby as approved by proper authority of Rugby Canada and the associated Provincial Union.

Sanctioned and Approved Events, Programs, or Member Organization Tours

The length of period outlined during the application will receive general member coverage once approved by one's Provincial Union and Rugby Canada.

frequently Asked Questions

 Insurance FAQ General

Policy Overview

Sport General Liability

Because no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and you can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your activities. You may not be liable, but you will need to be defended in court. A liability policy will pay for this defence as well as any costs awarded against you. In short, liability insurance gives you peace of mind. The policy will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of bodily injury to or damage to property of others such as participants, spectators, property of lessors, and others resulting from your operations only. Coverage includes your participants’ liability.

Please click the document below for more information.

 National Insurance Program: Extended Medical Coverage AB BC SK MB NS PEI - 2016 - 2017

Accidental death & Dismemberment

AD&D insurance helps to ensure protection for a member and their family in the event of an accident that results in death or serious injury. The benefit amount that is paid will depend upon the type of injury. The more serious the injury or accident, the greater the payment will be. AD&D coverage is one more informed way to help ensure financial protection is available for members and their loved ones.

Travel Medical

Registered participants of member organizations who receive sanctioning from their Provincial Union (i.e., Saskatchewan Rugby) and Rugby Canada will receive worldwide Emergency Travel Medical coverage up to $1,000,000 per Insured Member per trip. The coverage provides protection for medical emergencies due to accident or sickness, which occur on approved, sanctioned tours and events outside the participant’s country of residence.

Expenses covered included emergency hospital and doctors’ visits (inpatient/outpatient), x-ray & diagnosis, and emergency evacuation etc. Coverage acts as second payor to GHIP (Government Health Insurance Plan) and would respond in the event of a medical emergency situation due to accident or sickness.

Directors & Officers

Directors and officers have a duty to exercise due diligence in overseeing the management of the organization that they serve. This involves 3 basic duties:

  1. Duty of Diligence (Duty of Care): Act reasonably, in good faith and in the organization’s best interest.
  2. Duty of Loyalty: Place the interest of the organization before your own.
  3. Duty of Obedience: Act within the scope of applicable by-laws.

The sport general liability insurance policy put in place for the National Insurance Program provides only limited protection to directors or officers against any alleged wrongful acts. This type of policy usually protects against claims arising in the context of the organization's operations.

Rugby Canada places a directors and officers liability policy on behalf of it's Directors and Officers, to help protect against claims arising out of board decisions or omissions, or out of actions or activities performed directly under the auspices of the board or directors.

If you are unsure if this applies to you and your role on club or organizational board of directors, or if you have any additional questions regarding this coverage, please contact Rugby Canada.

Provincial Union extended Medical

Within Saskatchewan, every player who is fully registered (i.e. purchased a membership and paid all associated member dues) is eligible to receive extended medical coverage within the respective policy years (i.e., May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017) through the National Insurance Program when an injury occurs in a sanctioned event or practice in the sport of rugby.

Coverage extends to covering the following benefits in excess of your government health care for accidental related injuries:

  • $300 of professional treatment (massage therapy via a RMT, physiotherapy, athletic therapy and chiropractic care)
  • $1500 in emergency dental work
  • Additional coverage for prescription drugs, casts, braces, etc (please refer to below brochure)

Click HERE for more information

*Saskatchewan Rugby purchases the extra medical coverage for all registered members in Saskatchewan.

Optional Buy-Up

Members who wish to purchase additional coverage or increase current coverage can do so for an additional premium under the National Insurance Program:

A) Optional Paralysis Benefit Cost:

  • Minor Members: $100,000 to $500,000 - $48.00 
  • Senior and Junior Members: $250,000 to $500,000 - $30.00

B) Optional Extended Medical Cost:

  • Minors: $3.50
  • Others: $7.00

Summary of Benefits is provided under Extended Medical when the Buy-Up Option is used:

  • $50/hour for professional treatment up to $300 total
  • $5,000 per injury private duty nurse
  • $5,000 ground ambulance
  • $25,000 air ambulance
  • Rental of wheelchair, iron lung, or other durable equipment
  • Prescription drugs and medicines (except in the Province of Quebec)
  • Hearing aids, crutches, splints, casts, trusses, and braces excluding replacement thereof

Parameters of Option Buy-ups

A) Paralysis Benefit: any singular individual member may purchase the buy-up for themselves or their child / children

B) Extended Medical: groups of a hundred (100) senior members across a minimum of three (3) member organizations may apply to purchase the buy-up as a collective group

Please contact Marsh Canada for more information and the procedure to initiate coverage. Please see below for contact details.

*Saskatchewan Rugby purchases the extra medical coverage for all registered members in Saskatchewan.


Injury Reporting And Insurance Claims Submission

Provincial union / rugby canada extended medical coverage injury reporting and claims process

To start the process for an insurance claim after sustaining an injury:

  1. Immediately complete an injury and witness report within 24 hours of the incident occurring
    • Injury report to be completed by athlete (if possible) or coach
    • Witness report to be completed by medical staff, coach, manager, match
    • official or volunteer present
  2. Notify CHUBB Insurance, provincial union and Rugby Canada within 72 hours of the incident
    • Scan and Email reports to, provincial union contact, and
    • Should you have issues please call toll free 1-877-772-7797 (CHUBB Insurance)
  3. Athlete must acquire a physician referral for treatment before an insurance claim can be reimbursed for any treatment / medical expense
  4. Athlete acquires physician referral for treatment
  5. Referrals, invoices and receipts must be scanned and email to, provincial union contact and with the Subject Line: Rugby Injury & Claim – ________________ (Athlete’s first and last name)
  6. CHUBB Insurance Representative will process claim and notify athlete / parent of reimbursement

Injury Report Form

 Witness Report Form

Certificate of Insurance Requests

COI Process

To obtain a Certificate of Insurance please click the following link:

Click Here

Your Certificate of Insurance application will be reviewed by Rugby Canada. If your application is approved, you will be forwarded the completed certificate via email. 

Travel Medical Process (Tours)

Registered Participants of Member Organizations have extensive travel coverage under the Rugby Canada Insurance Program. This coverage will apply while on sanctioned and approved tours for member organizations and has a limit of $1,000,000 (one million dollars) of coverages per person per trip per policy year.

Chubb Insurance works with a Medical Assistance Service provider call, EuropAssist. By utilizing the Travel Medical Assistance Company, EuropAssist, members will be able to complete the following process if injury or sickness occurs:

  1. Call 911 or country emergency phone number for ambulance (if necessary)
  2. Refer to EuropAssist Member Card with dedicated phone and member number, call and begin process (distributed at point of Tour Approval)
  3. EuropAssist will direct you to closest hospital (if necessary)
  4. Coach, Manager, Parent, Volunteer or individual themselves must ask for GOP (Guarantee of Payment) from EA for all possible medical expenses or treatments or tests that may take place at the hospital or medical clinic.
  5. Hospital or medical clinic will work with EA to arrange and receive payment. 
  6. Patient will receive treatment.
  7. Complete necessary paper work (injury and witness reports and submit to Provincial Union for forwarding to Rugby Canada and ACE / Chubb Insurance)

Tour Sanctioning

Click Here For Touring Policies & Information

Event Sanctioning

Please Click Here for Rugby Event/Match Policies & Information

Please Click Here for Rugby Program Policies & Information

Contact Information

Member Enquiries 

Rugby Canada

Phone: 905-707-8998

Core Client Support Team

Marsh Canada Limited

Andrew Gibbs:
Phone: (416) 868-7249
Fax: (416) 815-3676

Matthew Warnholtz
Phone: (416) 868-7256
Fax: (416) 815-3665

Matthew White
Phone: (416) 868-7251
Fax: (416) 815-3582

AD&D Enquiries

Placement Specialist:
Pauline Tremblay
(416) 868-7699

Olga Lazarou
(416) 868-2655


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