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The Saskatchewan Rugby Union has jurisdiction over all sanctioned rugby in Saskatchewan.  On behalf of its member clubs and Sub Unions, it shall have the power to administer discipline for any incident, conduct, or behaviour during rugby events which the Saskatchewan Rugby Union considers prejudicial to the interest of the Union or the game of Rugby Football (refer to 7.16 of the SRU Bylaws)

The importance of the reputation of rugby cannot be overstated, and care must be taken, especially by players, team management and officials to prevent the reputation of the game from being diminished by the actions of a few.  Any reported incidents shall be dealt with in accordance with SRU Disciplinary Procedures.

It is NOT the function of the disciplinary Committee to determine guilt. The referee's decision on culpability is final.

NOTE:Length of sanctions are determined from World Rugby Regulations 17 Appendix A

Player NameClubDivisionLocationDate of OffenseOpponentOffenseLength of SuspensionSanction Chart UsedEligible to Return from SuspensionLawReport
Terry Selinger
HighlandersMen's Div 2ReginaJune 16, 2018Prince Albert Whiskey JacksKicking an Opponent
4 WeeksReg 17
June 14, 201810.4(c)
Ryland Gibb
Campion Grads
Men's Div 1
ReginaMay 25, 2018CondorsDangerous Tackling
2 WeeksReg 17
June 10, 201810.4(e)
Jaxon KrupaNotre DameHigh School
May 8, 2018CampbelKicking an Opponent
3 WeeksReg 17
May 23, 201810.4(c)
Shaun Farrell
DragonsHigh School
SaskatoonMay 3, 2018Springbok
Physical Abuse of Match Officials

52 Weeks
Reg 17
May 4, 201910.4(s)
Mike FinnemoreWild OatsMen's Div 1SaskatoonSept 16, 2017GophersDangerous tackle2 gamesReg 17TBD10.4(e)PDF
Isaac DriscollWild OatsMen's Div 2Prince AlbertSept 6, 2017PADangerous tackle2 gamesReg 17Sept 16, 201710.4(e)PDF
Gonzalo PonsRoguesMen's Div 1ReginaAugust 11Highlanders 2 yellow cards 1 game Reg 17 August 2610.4(m), 10.4(h)PDF
Jeremy Cardinal-SchultzGophersMen's Div 1SaskatoonJuly 21, 2017KremsDangerous tackle3 gamesReg 17August 1610.4(e)PDF

James SinclairHighlandersMen's Div 2ReginaJuly 13, 2017CondorsSlapping2 gamesReg 17July 29, 201710.4(a)PDF
Clayton JohnsonPA Whiskey JacksMen'sSaskatoonJune 15, 2017KremsTwo yellow cards: punching and late tackle2 weeksReg 17July 11, 201710.4(a, l, m, b)PDF
Peni LutuCampion GradsMen'sReginaJune 17, 2017BadgersHigh tackle2 weeksReg 17July 1, 201710.4(e)PDF
 Nacanieli Ratuki Wild Oats Men's Saskatoon Sept 1, 2016 Krems  Punching 1 game Reg 17 Sept 10, 201610.4(a) PDF
Avery Pendleton

KremsMen'sSaskatoonAugust 24, 2016BadgersStamping/
2 gamesReg 17September 16th, 201610.4(b)PDF
Arena Parangi
Saskatoon BadgersMen'sSaskatoonAugust 19, 2016GophersTwo yellow cards for illegal/foul play1 gameReg 17August 25, 2016 after Div 1 Match10.6(c)PDF
Dave Wilson
Wild OatsMen'sSaskatoonJuly 15,2016KremsDangerous Tackle3 weeksReg 17August 5, 201610.4(e)PDF
Troy RobinsonKremsMen'sSaskatoonMay 6, 2016BadgersPunching2 gamesReg 17May 28, 2016 after Div 1 Match10.4(a)PDF
Ryan GayBadgersMen'sSaskatoonMay 6, 2016KremsPunching2 gamesReg 17May 19, 2016 after Div 1 match10.4(a)PDF
Cullen WilhelmBadgersMen'sSaskatoonJuly 8, 2015GophersPunching2 gamesReg 172016 Season10.4(a)PDF
Charles NorvalGophersMen'sSaskatoonJuly 8, 2015BadgersPunching2 gamesReg 172016 Season10.4(a)PDF
Marcus CareyGradsMen's ReginaJuly 15, 2015CondorsPunching2 gamesReg 17Aug 14, 201510.4(a)PDF
Simon MerkoskyCondorsMen'sReginaJuly 15, 2015GradsPunching2 gamesReg 17Aug 7, 201510.4(a)PDF
Rob GodfreyGradsMen'sSaskatoonJune 20, 2015GophersDangerous Tackle4 gamesReg 17July 24, 201510.4(e)PDF
Matt AndersonGophersMen'sSaskatoonJune 20, 2015GradsPunching2 gamesReg 17July 9, 201510.4(a)PDF
Trent BlackbirdSpringboksHigh SchoolSaskatoonJune 5, 2015DragonsPunching 3 gamesReg 172016 High School Season10.4(a)PDF
Andrew WelhamGophersMen'sSaskatoonMay 29, 2015BadgersActs Contrary to Good Sportsmanship2 gamesReg 17June 17, 201510.4(m)
Jerome GallagherGophersMen'sSaskatoonMay 29, 2015BadgersPunching2 gamesReg 17June 17, 201510.4(a)PDF
Ben MahBadgersMen'sSaskatoonMay 29, 2015GophersPunching2 gamesReg 17June 17, 201510.4(a) 10.2(b)PDF
KremsMensSaskatoonMay 23, 2015 BadgersPunching2 gamesReg 17June 12, 201510.4(a) 10.4(l)PDF


Sask Rugby Discipline Policy

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WR Regulation 17 Appendix 1: List of Sanctions

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