New Air Quality Guidelines

August 10, 2021


With the recent forest fires and the worsening air quality there is an elevated risk when playing sports. With this increased risk Sask Rugby is implementing a new policy for the health and safety of the members of the community. This policy uses the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to help make the decision to cancel or postpone the games.

The AQHI for the area should be checked the day of the activities. The 24 hour forecast can be used to make a decision in advance, the AQHI also provides hourly updates that can be used for a more accurate update. Updates happen hourly, after each hour (ex. the 12p.m. update happens at 1p.m.) . 

The Air Quality Health Index can be checked on the Government of Canada website. The AQHI is rating is as follows: Low Risk, 1-3; Moderate Risk, 3-6; High Risk, 7-10; Very High Risk, 10+. If the Air Quality Health Index is a 7 or above  the Government of Canada recommends that any strenuous activities outdoors be reduced or rescheduled. For a summary of the AQHI messages check out the Government of Canada website.  

The policy will be in effect when the AQHI is above 7. 

Check out the Air Quality Monitoring Guidelines here