Return to Play: Leaders & Administrators

Returning to rugby

As Saskatchewan eases restrictions and works towards a “new normal” for sport, Provincial Unions, Sub-Unions, Member Clubs, and all members have responsibilities in the return to play.

Saskatchewan Rugby (your PSO): Appointed COVID-19 Manager for the province to manage Return to Play for member organisations. Completed sanctioning with Rugby Canada to be able to sanction local returns to rugby.

Member Organisations (clubs, programs, sub-unions): Appoint COVID-19 Safety Coordinators who will work with each other and the COVID-19 Manager to manage a safe return to rugby. Complete the registration and sanctioning processes with Sask Rugby to receive insurance and support for programs and activities.

This page outlines how we will manage and progress in Return to Play:

Preparing to Return: Completing the sanctioning process and putting  safety measures in place as per your COVID-19 Safety Plan. You should take care to identify and mitigate the risks of returning to sport for your all participants and organisers.

Managing Return: Communicating safety measures to your participants so they can make an informed decision on returning to sport and arrive at the first session ready. This includes setting up administrative measures to manage safety procedures such as Sportlomo attestations, agreements, and attendance tracking, cleaning logs, and other responsibilities outlined in the COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Ensuring Safe Return: Staying aware of risks and on-top of any COVID-19 developments such as public health orders, changes to facility access or rules, best practices for rugby training, etc. This includes a check-in with the COVID-19 Manager every 2 weeks to ensure procedures are adhered to. Resources are available on our website and the COVID-19 Manager will stay in contact with Safety Coordinators throughout the season.

Members (players, coaches, volunteers, spectators): Assess your personal and household risk, making an informed decision to return to play. Adhere to all COVID-19 rules and regulations in place from Sask Rugby, Rugby Canada, facilities, local and provincial governments and public health authorities throughout their involvement

Preparing to Return

In preparing to return you should establish a point of contact by appointing a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator, get educated about COVID-19 and returning to sport during a pandemic, then go into risk management and safety planning. As part of the risk management and safety planning process, you will complete all the sanctioning documents identified here.

To complete the sanctioning process, submit all sanctioning documents to as per their instructions, attaching any other documentation regarding your program (facility booking contract, detailed schedule of activities, etc.) identified in the Safety Plan and Sanctioning Form.


This plan is essential in identifying and quickly responding to medical and other emergencies, especially during the pandemic when emergencies can arise and develop more rapidly. There are templates for this plan under Resources. 

Your updated EAP must include:

  • location of first aid kit and supplies on-site,
  • Emergency Services access points (i.e. how can paramedics get on the field),
  • assembly points,
  • addresses and contact information for nearest hospital and clinics,
  • COVID-19 First Aid Modifications and contacts,
  • your Enhanced Cleaning Procedures document outlining equipment and facility cleanings.


Cleaning is critical during return to play to ensure high-risk touch points such as handrails, taps, shared equipment, benches, etc. are being disinfected regularly to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Download and fill in the ECP log with the products you plan to use at your activities, including their DIN or NPN numbers (explained below).

Coronaviruses are one of the easiest types of viruses to kill with the appropriate disinfectant product when used according to the label instructions. Health Canada has published a list of hard surface disinfectants that are likely to be effective for use against COVID-19. 
Use only approved hard-surface disinfectants that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) or Natural Product Number (NPN). DINs and NPNs are 8-digit numbers given by Health Canada that confirms the disinfectant product is approved and safe for use in Canada. Clean rugby balls in soap and water, logging the DIN/NPN of soap being used (soap is a disinfectant).
How to find your DIN/NPN:
  1. Locate the 8 digit number beginning with DIN or NPN on your product
  2. Look for that number of the Health Canada Lists below:


Organisers of in-person rugby activities must ensure coaches, volunteers, players, and parents are aware of the risks of COVID-19 and measures in place to mitigate. Sask Rugby recommends:

  • creating a COVID-19 orientation to share online with members prior to the first day of training,
  • assembling a binder of COVID-19 information to keep on-site at training,
  • sharing the link to Sask Rugby’s Return to Play for Players page.

Whenever possible, use the Sask Rugby Public Health Information Binder or refer to the sources below. If you are distributing this public health advice always indicate the name of the source. 

  • Health Canada
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Government of Saskatchewan
  • Public health agencies

sask rugby rtp supports


For facility owners/operators, Sask Rugby will cover any pre-approved costs of field signage for public health information or traffic flow. 

To request field signage contact the COVID-19 Manager prior to submitting your sanctioning application.


This collection of public health information satisfies sanctioning requirements and includes info sheets and graphics that may be useful. 

Sask Rugby COVID-19 protocols (Safety Guide) are included in the binder but we recommend adding:

  • your approved COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • your approved Emergency Action Plan
  • your Enhanced Cleaning Procedures log (or complete the blank log in the binder)
  • a detailed attendance log that tracks participant times in and out 
  • any other relevant documents submitted as part of sanctioning (flow plan, communication plan, etc.)


Programs are required to keep hand sanitizer on-site for members, Sask Rugby can provide these free of cost.

Sask Rugby sanitizers and NPNs:

  • HealthWorks, hand sanitizer, NPN: 80100811
  • Germs Be Gone, hand sanitizer, NPN: 00102627
  • Smooth 42 Craft Distillery, CRE8 hand sanitizer, NPN: 80098008
To request sanitizers contact the COVID-19 Manager prior to submitting your sanctioning application and use the NPN numbers above to complete your ECP.


Coaches and officials are not considered close contacts (or counted in training group sizes) unless they come within 2m of participants or could potentially come within 2m of participants during an activity. If coaches/officials are instructing contact or unable to remain physically distanced on the field, they must wear medical grade masks.

Sask Rugby will provide medical masks free of cost as necessary. To request medical masks contact the COVID-19 Manager.

managing Return

Once you are approved for sanctioning, you can set up Sportlomo registration, your system for collecting attestations and tracking attendance, and your required COVID-19 update to members.

Once all these systems are in place you are ready to deliver in-person rugby activities according to your sanctioning agreement.


Provide a COVID-19 self-assessment link to all members upon registration/prior to the first training session (pre-integration). This is to get them thinking about their baseline and be able to more easily identify changes and potential symptoms.

Distribute either of these links to your members:

Anyone with a history of “COVID-19 like” illness or close/sustained contact with someone with similar symptoms should not enter the training environment for at least 14 days after the last contact or 10 days post symptom resolution with medical clearance provided to Sask Rugby.

ensuring safe return

Once you start delivering in-person activities, as per your COVID-19 Safety Plan, you must stay up to date on relevant COVID-19 information (public health orders, outbreaks, changes to best practice), collect attestations, and track attendance. 

The COVID-19 Manager will monitor all safety measures to ensure adherence to your Safety Plan, failure to adhere to COVID-19 related rules will result in immediate and complete cessation of all rugby activities and removal of all access to club facilities until rectified.