2017 Annual Awards Banquet

An Annual Awards Banquet was held on Saturday and we are happy to announce the following winners. 

Coach of the Year – Ian Senterre

Match Official of the Year – Kristine Lovatt

Builder of the Year – Nathan Sgrazzutti

Junior Women Player of the Year – Delaney Aikens

Junior Men Player of the Year – PJ Mancao

Senior Women Player of the Year – Mikayla Waller

Senior Men Player of the Year – Bryn Walker

We would also like to acknowledge all the nominations we received. 


Coach of the Year

Ian Senterre

Roger Tosney

Richard Brindley

Nathan Sgrazzutti

Kevin Martin

Lauren Whyte


Match Official of the Year

Cole Pedrick

Kristine Lovatt

Gary Harle

Andrew Welham


Builder of the Year

Nathan Thomson

Jordan Astrope

Nathan Sgrazzutti

Alison Fisher

Darren Richens


Male Young Player of the Year

Ethan Meyer

Andrew Montgrand

PJ Mancao

Bryce Feldbusch

Olaf Erasmus

Josh Penner


Female Young Player of the Year

Kirsten Sawatzky

Emerald Maze

Delaney Aikens


Senior Male Player of the Year

Will Kirstien

Mitch Novak

Bryn Walker

Lyle Crudis

Braydon Goldstein


Senior Female Player of the Year

Jess Buydens

Kiera Prior

Vanessa Cowan

Mikayla Waller

Mackenze Grad