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Mini Rugby

Mini Rugby is a fun and active start to being part of a team through the joy of rugby. By developing the principles for the love of physical activity, team work, and the skills of rugby at early ages we are aiming to develop strong values and skills that can be used throughout a lifetime and career. Mini Rugby can be the start in a long term development model of a successful rugby player, or for some simply the beginning of an enjoyable and healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

Although the main focus of the Saskatchewan Mini Rugby is Fun & Participation we also want children to have the opportunity to develop strong FUNdamentals for rugby through knowledgeable coaching. In order to ensure a child’s best chance for success Saskatchewan Mini Rugby trains and has resources available for coaches to give them all the required tools, and in many communities former and current senior rugby players coach simply to spread the love of the game. These knowledgeable coaches allow Saskatchewan Mini Rugby to teach the primary FUNdamentals of rugby, giving children the opportunity to jump start a strong rugby career.

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