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Touring sides

Every year Sask Rugby Union is proud to play host to touring sides that travel in from other parts of Canada, the US, Europe and abroad to play rugby. Saskatchewan boasts 12 local clubs, many with a long proud tradition that fields mens, womens and youth sides.  Sask Rugby Union is also proud to support 2 Elite Squads, the Regina Prairie Fire and the North Sask Wolverines which field senior and U20 men teams.

Let us help make your tour a memorable one.

If you are a local club and are interested in travelling abroad.  Please contact the SRU office.

Insurance Quote Request for Team Emergency Medical

This is a quote request form for organizations who are in need of medical emergency travel coverage for their trips out of country.

The attached excel sheet should be posted and once completed, they'll need to send it back to Steve’s attention by email. It will take about 2-3 days to get a quote generated and returned to them. He will review plan design and pricing via a phone call.
Manulife is the insurance company who we will use for this coverage. The have best in class products, great service, and a world wide support team to assist when help is needed the most. Details about the plans offered will be sent to the inquiring organization when Steve generates the quote.
There are a wide variety of products available and depending on the specifications of the trip, the age of the players, coaches and support people. Marsh will put together an affordable quality program for your travellers to make sure they are well looked after.
Steve Fretwell CLU
National Leader - Employee Benefits
Marsh Canada
70 University Avenue Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2M4
Office 416 349-4414
Toll Free 800 385 6619
Cell 416 471 4702
FAX 416 815 3532 is the contact at Marsh.

All tours outside of Canada must be registered and sanctioned by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada.
International Unions and the International Rugby Board require that all inbound (this applies to teams traveling to Canada) teams must have National Union Sanctioning and therefore, in most cases, National Union Insurance coverage.

High schools, colleges or Universities traveling outside of Canada must be registered for the duration of their tour. Insurance liability certificates from the school/school board must be presented prior to departure. Rugby Canada membership is granted only for the duration of the school tour.
If a certificate of insurance cannot be provided, Rugby Canada will only sanction those teams that are registered and therefore school teams traveling would have to become full members of Rugby Canada and pay all applicable membership fees.

In addition to liability insurance coverage from either school/school board or Rugby Canada, all teams traveling are required to have out of country medical insurance. This insurance may be purchased from Marsh Canada and their offices in Toronto.

Approval for the tour can only be granted once Rugby Canada has received:
1)    a copy of the School/Board liability Insurance Certificate;
2)    a copy of the full roster of all travellers;
3)    a game itinerary (usually the tour out form is sufficient)
4)    a tour out/in form;
5)    payment in full of all applicable fees and confirmation that all travelers have purchased out of country medical insurance.

Additional information from the 
Rugby Canada Site

For all Incoming and Outgoing Tours, please review:

Tour Approval Procedures

The following information must be sent to the Provincial Office to be approved:

2012 Tour Policy Memo

Tour out roster

Incoming tour form

Outgoing tour form

International Travel Medical Coverage Information

SOS card

International SOS FAQ

Rugby Canada Request For Travel Insurance Quote

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