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Saskatchewan Rugby has jurisdiction over all sanctioned rugby in Saskatchewan. On behalf of its member clubs and Sub Unions, it shall have the power to administer discipline for any incident, conduct, or behaviour during rugby events which Saskatchewan Rugby considers prejudicial to the interest of the Union or the game of Rugby Football (refer to 4.03 of the Sask Rugby Bylaws)

The importance of the reputation of rugby cannot be overstated, and care must be taken, especially by players, team management and officials to prevent the reputation of the game from being diminished by the actions of a few. Any reported incidents shall be dealt with in accordance with Sask Rugby Disciplinary Procedures.

It is NOT the function of the disciplinary Committee to determine guilt.
The referee’s decision on culpability is final.

List of Sanctioned Players


NOTE: Length of sanctions are determined from World Rugby Regulations 17, Appendix 1