Saskatchewan opens the 2024 season with a new Strategic Plan

Saskatchewan Rugby is excited to launch the 2024-2029 strategic plan, the map to a robust future for rugby in Saskatchewan. This forward-thinking and long-term plan is a result of collaborative sessions with the board and members, where they got to provide their ideas and feedback.

“We, the Saskatchewan Rugby Board of Directors are working to start a strong structure for the game and participants—now and in the coming years,” says Interm President Jason Brandt. “The timeline is designed to maximize the Canada Games cycle, so we will have a chance to get items up and fully running by the 2025 games, and then reassess and make any adjustments as we head into the next cycle in 2029.”

The full version of Saskatchewan Rugby’s new strategic plan can be found HERE

The new mission and vision statements reflect an active and positive mindset with a forward focus.


A quality and welcoming rugby community


We advance lifelong rugby experiences

The strategic plan solidifies the organization’s priorities and will act as a filter to make decisions. That includes the values laid out in the plan.


Show respect to ourselves, those around us, and the game.


Act honestly and equitably in and around the game.


Passionately find excitement, attachment, and belonging to the rugby family.


Connect and foster an inclusive community through the game.


Commit to safety and accountability for the game.

These values reflect the focus on making rugby in Saskatchewan accessible and equitable. Saskatchewan Rugby aims to re-energize and advance the sport in Saskatchewan.

The plan is built to address member needs, and designed to align with Sask Sport, a funder and a leader in the province. Sask Sport’s new sport development framework will be linked to funding reporting, and Saskatchewan Rugby’s outcomes and initiatives for the next five years are divided into the three pillars used in that framework: athlete development, capacity for support, and sport in community.

Athlete Development

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhance and communicate athlete recruitment and development programs, initiatives, and resources
  • Clarify roles and strengthen relationships to support athlete development


Major Initiatives

  • Define the athlete participation opportunities
  • Enhance and implement the long-term athlete development framework
  • Establish an annual competition and events calendar

Capacity for Sport

Expected Outcomes

  • Define a participation pathway for coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers
  • Increase the recruitment and retention of coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers
  • Update Sask Rugby’s historical resources

Major Initiatives

  • Expand resources that support coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers
  • Increase recognition of coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers
  • Publish an updated edition of Sask Rugby’s history book
  • Create a historical archive and display

Sport in Community

Expected Outcomes

  • Diversify the variations of rugby played
  • Expand engagement with underserved populations

Major Initiatives

  • Support the development and expansion of rugby programs across the province
  • Implement and promote a Rugby in Community database
  • Support regional competition development

To help modernize Saskatchewan Rugby and the approach to the sport in Saskatchewan, the plan will need help with implementation at all levels, including member clubs and volunteers.

“Collaboration was key to creating a strong strategic plan, and it will be key to bringing the plan to life,” says Brandt “Everyone will need to work together: the board, players, officials, administration. We have identified the need to strengthen Saskatchewan Rugby as an organization to support the game, our members, and participants.”

As the 2024 season approaches, Saskatchewan Rugby is finalizing an operational plan to translate the high-level goals in the strategic plan into measurable targets and tactics to make the plan a reality. Members can expect to hear more as both plans move forward.