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About Rookie Rugby

Rookie Rugby is the nation-wide introductory rugby program for ages 6 to 14 that provides both teachers and coaches with a safe, fun, and inclusive non-contact curriculum to introduce children to rugby.

Rookie Rugby is a game-based curriculum built on national guidelines for Health and Physical Education curriculums.

The program provides open-access, easy-to-follow game modules for leading a variety of activities that build introductory, non-contact rugby skills and provide teachers – including those that are unfamiliar with rugby – with new methods to promote physical literacy and practice Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).

rookie rugby resources

The Rookie Rugby program provides clubs, schools, and community groups with all of the resources they need to develop a Rookie Rugby program:

    • A complete Rookie Rugby Games Curriculum, accessible online and provided in each kit. Each comprehensive printable Rookie Rugby game card includes the objective of the game, set-up information, LTAD stages, FMS, a step-by-step breakdown on how to play the game, as well as game progressions and coaching tips.
    • A How-To Guidebook, which includes an overview of the games, a breakdown of rules, and coaching tips for teachers, parents, and volunteers to help participants be successful on the field.
    • Rookie Rugby promotional material, including a promotional video, program flyers, and a presentation template which are easy to edit for your group’s use.
    • Free Rookie Rugby instructor training by Sask Rugby RR Educators. Our Rookie Rugby Educators (seasoned rugby coaches) will demonstrate how to coach several Rookie Rugby games, provide a breakdown of fundamental rugby skills and simplified methods on how to coach them, and discuss possible adaptations to each game to allow different groups to participate inclusively.
    • A complete Rookie Rugby kit, which includes all the equipment needed to teach Rookie Rugby to a class of 30 students, including rugby balls, flag belts, cones, and a kit bag, can be obtained in the following ways:

For groups interested in delivering the Rookie Rugby program into their school or organisation, email for more information.

For groups interested in having a Rookie Rugby Instructor deliver sessions directly to participants, check out our booking links.

book your rookie rugby session here!


Katelyn Kleisinger

Katelyn has been playing rugby for 4 years and is currently playing for the Rogues Women in Regina. Katelyn will be moving out to Nova Scotia to attend St Francis Xavier this fall.

Elle Douglas

Elle has been playing rugby for 9 years and is currently training with the Saskatoon teams. Elle will be moving to B.C to attend Cowichan Bay Secondary School this fall.

Madisyn Pluhowy

Madisyn has been playing rugby for 3 years and is currently playing for the Lady Condors in Regina. Madisyn will be staying in Regina to attend the U of R this fall.

Geovonie Sparvier

Geovonie has been playing rugby for 5 years and is currently playing with the Highlanders in Regina. Geovonie will be staying in Regina to attend the U of R this fall. 

Rookie Rugby In the Community

Looking for Rookie Rugby activities in your community that your child can participate in? Check out the calendar below for dates and locations for activities that we have already scheduled. This calendar will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back regularly. You can subscribe to this calendar by clicking the “plus” symbol in the bottom right corner of the calendar.

Please be aware that some activities on this calendar may require registration through a school, municipality, or community organization. Please contact one of our Rookie Rugby Leaders if you are unsure about whether a specific date requires registration.



All organizations (clubs, schools, academies, provincial and national teams) and individuals (athletes, referees, coaches, managers, medical staff and volunteers) leaving or entering Canada must complete a Tour Sanctioning Application in order to be eligible to play within Canada or in a foreign union. This is in compliance with World Rugby Regulation 16. Please refer to the resource section below for more information.


Please ensure to submit a sanctioning application at least two weeks in advance of any event seeking approval and insurance coverage. A completed application will meet the following criteria:

  1. Completed Online Sanctioning Application
  2. Completed Tour Roster Form for touring side  All finalized rosters must be submitted to 48 hours prior to the departure date. 

Applications are entered into processing upon submission. All changes to the listing of participating clubs or players need be communicated to Rugby Canada staff by email. An expedite fee will be assessed to late applications that do not meet the two week submission deadline.

Application Deadlines

All online applications must be submitted prior to the submission deadline. If the submission deadline is missed for any reason, an expedite fee will be applied. No applications or rosters will be accepted after the application processing cut-off date.

Tour or Event Submission Deadline Application Processing
Cut-Off Date
Expedite Fee
International Team Tour
Individual International Tours
Interprovincial Tours
International Player Transfers/Clearances
2 weeks prior to departure date 3 business days prior to departure $50
Event Sanctioning Application (Camps, Clinics, Programs, Tournaments, Exhibition Games) 2 weeks prior to event date 3 business days prior to event $50
Tour Roster List
Event Club Team List
48 hours prior to departure/event
(confirmed with Rugby Canada)
48 hours prior to departure/event $25
Event Roster List 48 hours post event
(confirmed with Rugby Canada)
48 hours post event $25


Once you have submitted your application to Rugby Canada a copy will be automatically forwarded to your Provincial Union for review. Provincial Union Administration has the authority to approve or deny all/any applications. Once approval has been granted, Rugby Canada will then conduct a final review.

Upon approval from Rugby Canada, you will be given a sanctioning number which will be attached to your printable Sanctioning Certificate (details below). You will also be forwarded a Certificate of Insurance for your tour, along with a Rugby Canada Tour Letter. For more information regarding coverage for your tour please visit our insurance page.

Please ensure that rosters are submitted to no later than 24 hours post event. To Access your Sanctioning Certificate: 

  1. Ensure that you are logged into 
  2. Click on your username (top left corner) and a dropdown menu will appear.
  3. Click on Registrations -> Click on the application you submitted.
  4. In the top right hand corner you will be able to download your Sanctioning Certificate.
NOTE: Your certificate is not valid unless it has a certificate number in the top right hand corner, this will be automatically added once it has been approved by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada.


All tours travelling outside of Canada must be sanctioned by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada. International Unions and World Rugby require that all teams must have National Union Sanctioning prior to the departure date. 

All high schools, colleges, universities or any other third party organization traveling outside of Canada to play rugby must provide adequate insurance coverage. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Emergency Travel Medical and Sports General Liability Insurance Coverage (which covers contact sports) from the school/school board or third party must be presented prior to departure. If proper documentation cannot be provided, Rugby Canada will only sanction those teams that are member organizations and therefore schools or third party organizations traveling would have to become full members of their provincial union (and thus Rugby Canada) and pay all applicable membership fees.

If you should need help acquiring emergency travel medical insurance for your tour, please email and Rugby Canada can help facilitate this process. 

All tours travelling to Canada must be sanctioned by Rugby Canada and the destination province and subsequent Provincial Union(s). Furthermore, World Rugby requires that all teams must have Home National Union Sanctioning Approval prior to touring. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Travel Medical and General Liability Insurance Coverage from the inbound tour must be presented prior to departure.

Note: either the club, the school, a liaison officer or the touring team can initiate the process to secure tour approval for an incoming tour. 

All tours wishing to travel to another province within Canada need to be sanctioned by the home Provincial Union and the destination Provincial Union. 

All registered players travelling within Canada are covered under their Provincial Health Care’s Insurance Policy. However, Rugby Canada’s accident and general liability insurance coverage is only extended to a rugby event which is sanctioned. The practices and league matches of registered clubs are the only competitions considered sanctioned by default when all athletes, team management and staff and all participants (volunteers, organizing committee) are registered within the current membership year.

All individuals who are wishing to, or outside of Canada must be sanctioned and approved by your Provincial Union and Rugby Canada for outbound tours and by the Home National Governing Body for Inbound tours. International Unions and World Rugby require that all individuals must have National Union Sanctioning prior to the departure date. 

Note: An individual who is travelling outside of Canada and returning to Canada after the duration of the tour, must complete the individual tour sanctioning application. If the individual is registering in a new union, that they are travelling to, they will need to complete an International Player Transfer.

Forms & Documents



Governance documents are the foundation of Sask Rugby and govern how the organisation is led on behalf of its members. Operations documents set standards for Sask Rugby as an organisation and holds its members responsible for upholding the values of our sport.


Learn more about Sask Rugby's governance and current board at the
Board of Directors page

Club Administrators & Management

For more information on club administration check under Clubs.

Provincial Team Players

For more information on provincial teams,
visit the Team Sask page


These documents are used for rugby competitions by club administration and management, competition organisers, and match officials. 

Match Officials

For more information on officiating visit the Resources for Referees page,
or to access discipline and competitions resources visit the Rules & Regulations page

Registration & Insurance




For questions or inquiries regarding registration or insurance, contact or call 306-780-9353


Safe Sport

Keep Rugby Healthy, Safe and Fun

In 1975 Saskatchewan Rugby’s founding mission statement was to provide rugby under safe conditions in Saskatchewan and today we strive to make rugby in Saskatchewan as safe as possible and welcoming for all participants. Keeping rugby healthy, safe and fun has been a priority of Saskatchewan Rugby for decades and we actively work with our membership and partners to fulfill that goal.

Saskatchewan Rugby has many practices, policies and resources available (listed below) that assist with bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination, maltreatment and conflict in sport.

Safe Sport Contacts

Sask Sport has a Respect Resource Line available that provides free, confidential and anonymous assistance to calls, texts or email inquiries regarding possible bullying, abuse, harassment or discrimination in sport.

Sask Sport’s Dispute Resolution Officer can assist organizations with best practices regarding how to handle a complaint in sport. Contact Nathan Cole at (306) 780-9350 or

The Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Institute of Saskatchewan provides neutral, third-party case management services to any sport in Saskatchewan.

Safe Sport Training and Resources

As an active member of Sask Sport we have adopted the DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY SUITE.

The online RESPECT IN SPORT ACTIVITY LEADER PROGRAM educates youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants (14-years and up) to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.

Register for Respect Training for Activity Leaders

The online RESPECT IN SPORT PARENT PROGRAM helps define a standard of behaviour for all parents to create a more rewarding, safe and respectful environment for everyone involved.

Read about the Respect Training for Parents Program

Register for Respect Training for Parents

The COACHING ASSOCIATION OF CANADA offers a variety of training programs that empower coaches with knowledge and skills, promote ethics, foster positive attitudes, build competence, and increase the credibility and recognition of coaches.

Coaching Resources

National Coaching Certification Program

Responsible Coaching Movement

The COMMIT TO KIDS program helps child-serving organizations reduce the risk of sexual abuse and create safer environments for children in their care.

Resources and Training

VOLUNTEER CANADA provides national leadership and expertise on volunteerism to increase the participation, quality, and diversity of volunteer experiences.

See Tools and Resources

Download the Screening Handbook

Mini Rugby




Changes for the Greater Good
In 2011 the Saskatchewan Rugby Union and Mini Rugby groups across Saskatchewan began joining forces to create Saskatchewan Mini Rugby.  The goal of joining these entities was to make one united organization allowing volunteers to have all the tools needed readily available for them to operate or start up a successful community program, making quality Mini Rugby accessible to boys & girls across Saskatchewan.
Come out and give “Wheaty” and Saskatchewan Mini Rugby a try; we could be the start for a life time of enjoyment from Rugby and sport.

Mini Rugby is a fun and active start to being part of a team through the joy of rugby.  By developing the principles forthe love of physical activity, team work, and the skills of rugby at early ages we are aiming to develop strong values and skills that can be used throughout a lifetime and career.  Mini Rugby can be the start in a long term development model of a successful rugby player, or for some simply the beginning of an enjoyable and healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

Although the main focus of the Saskatchewan Mini Rugby is Fun & Participation we also want children to have the opportunity to develop strong FUNdamentals for rugby through knowledgeable coaching. In order to ensure a child’s best chance for success Saskatchewan Mini Rugby trains and has resources available for coaches to give them all the required tools, and in many communities former and current senior rugby players coach simply to spread the love of the game. These knowledgeable coaches allow Saskatchewan Mini Rugby to teach the primary FUNdamentals of rugby, giving children the opportunity to jump start a strong rugby career.

Unlike some other sports rugby is a true team sport.  In rugby at any level rarely can one player take over or control a game, rugby is a true team sport and needs everyone’s participation, dedication, and team work for a team to succeed.  These requirements of rugby mean that rarely is a player standing still or waiting for something to happen or come to them, in rugby every player must move with and follow the play in order to be part of it and support their team mates for the team to succeed.





Moose Jaw

Swift Current 

Meadow Lake 




La Ronge


North Battleford

Prince Albert


Your Community

Our Mission

  • Fun & Participation
  • Team Work
  • Healthy Active Lifestyle
  • Develop Athleticism through the Joy of Rugby


Why Play Flag Rugby

Flag Rugby is a fun and exciting form of non-contact rugbysuitable for males and females of all ages and abilities. There are no scrums, line-outs, or tackling allowed in flag rugby. Initially flag rugby was only really played by youngsters but increasingly so men and women of all ages and ability are taking up the game and Flag Rugby is now being recognised as not only a way of introducing young players to contact rugby but as a game in its own right.

Flag Rugby has the following advantages over traditional games of touch rugby:

  • It shows clearly when a tackle is made and prevents arguments
  • It allows players to easily officiate their own games
  • It gives a real incentive for defenders to defend
  • It momentarily takes the ‘tackler’ out of the game as would occur in full contact rugby, allowing more time and space for the attacking team
  • It encourages defenders to attack at the hips, as is required for solid proper tacking in high stages of rugby
  • It encourages the correct lines of running required for success in the full 15 per side game
  • Most importantly Flag Rugby is a fun game that the entire family can play

Flag Rugby can be played without scrums and lineouts and teams can be as small as 5 per side. It can be played on grass, sand or on hard surfaces outdoors and indoors. There is no need for rugby posts and the pitch can be marked as a simple rectangle. Teachers, coaches, and players need no previous knowledge of rugby to get started and this makes Flag Rugby an ideal game for girls and boys of all ages and abilities.

Flag Rugby Equipment

Player Supplied 
Athletic Shorts/Pants (Black Preferred)
Rugby/Soccer Socks (Black Preferred)
Athletic Shoes/Cleats

Sask Mini Rugby Supplied
Belts and Flags
Training Gear
First Aid Kit

Supplied to Player with Payment of Fees
Team Jersey


Come Join the Fun

Through sponsor support and grants the Saskatchewan Mini Rugby tries to maintain the lowest member fees possible, our goal is to allow rugby to be accessible to every child and family in Saskatchewan. 

Saskatchewan Mini Rugby is always looking for new players or coaches and assistant coaches to join the fun.  If you are between the ages of 3-13 and are interested in playing please watch out for registration in February.  If you are of almost any age and interested in coaching or being an assistant coach please contact us, no experience required for assistant coaches.  Our season starts in April so don’t wait too long.


Member fees go directly towards the items that are used daily at training, are the child to keep and use, and be responsible for.
-Receive Mini Team Jersey
-Receive receipt for use at tax season
If a fee is too large of an amount for your family to field, there are organizations like KidSport that are in place to help families so all kids can play.

The first step to joining Saskatchewan Mini Rugby is to complete the Member Information form.
Link to our online Registration on your community page.

Coaches & Assistant Coaches

No out of pocket registration fees are required for you, Only Your Time and Dedication
If your rugby playing days are behind you, can’t commit to being a full time player, want to something you and your child can enjoy together, or just want to learn about Rugby being part of the Mini Coaching could be the place for you. Youth coaching can be a very rewarding way to give back to the community or continued involvement of the game you love. Don’t miss out on your chance to give something back, rekindle, or continue the love of the game.

Visit the community page for contact information in your area, or email if you are interested in starting a mini program in your community.

* All coaches are required to take either a NCCP Rugby Community Initiation Course or NCCP Rugby Introduction to Competition Course that are offered multiple times each year

See community pages for specific dates and times.


If you are interested in more information about:

  • Saskatchewan Mini Rugby and what it offers
  • Looking to start up Mini Rugby in your Community
  • Wish to file a complaint about the Saskatchewan Mini Rugby program in your community
  • Or simply a general inquiry

Please contact us as per below

Saskatchewan Mini Rugby


High School Championship

AGM is Scheduled For March 24th at 12p.m.

The Annual General Meeting will take place via web conference on March 24th, 2018 at 12pm. 

Club delegates have been sent log in details.  Speak to your club president to get access. 

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